“There is no way to bring resolution to the conflicts in Israel that I know of — except to bring people together.”

Rising Tide International is committed to raising funds for one Abrahamic Reunion event per month in cities throughout Israel. Between 125 and 175 leaders participate in these gatherings from each of the 4 major faiths in Israel: Muslims, Christians, Jews and Druze. They…

  • come together, sit together, and spend the day touring around together
  • study the texts of their respective religions and find the common points
  • awaken the memory that we are all children of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar

These Abrahamic Reunion events in Israel need help on a continuing basis. The cost each month is approximately $7000 for food and transportation.

It’s difficult to see the conflicts keep arising with no way of bringing resolution, except to bring people together.Abrahamic Reunion Need Your Support - Shalom-Salaam

In our most recent Reunion, a very conservative Head Rabbi and a very conservative Head Imam had the opportunity to sit together, eat together, pray together and potentially…

“Connect soul to soul to become Friends for the cause of inner and outer Peace”

Please help us to continue these Reunions of Faith in Israel.

Yours In Hope,
David Less
Founding Member of the Abrahamic Reunion