Who Else Will Join Us In This Reunion For Peace?

“The best way I know of to begin the New Year”

Abrahamic Reunion Boulder Gala eTown Hall Jan 24 2015The Abrahamic Reunion is an expanding group of spiritual leaders, women and men, committed to using religion as a force for peace. Since 2001 these living examples of harmony have gathered together in Israel once a year.

Now, in light of the increasing tensions between Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze in the Holy Land, it has become imperative that they meet once a month in different cities throughout Israel.

“The unity of religious ideals must become the beacon toward Peace”

Abrahamic Reunion Boulder Gala eTown HallEach monthly gathering of 100 to 200 people costs approximately $7,000. This non-profit organization must raise $84,000 over the next year to cover the costs of food, transportation, and general organizing expenses.

All proceeds from Boulder’s First Abrahamic Reunion Gala at eTown will benefit the Abrahamic Reunion’s work for Interfaith Peacemaking in the Holy Land. Any donations are 501c3 tax deductible and will be given directly to the Abrahamic Reunion Organization – visit the Abrahamic Reunion Organization’s website for details about their work.

Now more than ever it is vital that the citizens of Israel, Palestine and across the world gain the vision that Peace and Harmony are possible in the Holy Land.

We haven’t a moment to lose