Commerative Scarf Designed for the Abrahamic Reunion Cause

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

Designer: Evelyn Marie Williams

Available Nowhere Else!

“Each one is a uniquely hand-painted and dyed one-of-a-kind scarf”

Cost: $100

Abrahamic Reunion Gala Fundraiser eTown Boulder ScarfA Word from the Artist:

“I am so grateful these are such a big hit, yes I can make more and will start tomorrow evening.

Each scarf is hand painted individually.

It takes a few days to go through the process because of the drying times in between each step. The design is hand drawn or written then dried naturally. Paint or dye is applied in the remaining area of the scarf in layers, drying naturally for a couple of days.

They then go thru a heat curing process and after that I wash, rinse and dry them in specific products for silk. This is different than a silk screen process like shirts can be done.”

~ Evelyn Marie Williams

***100% of the cost of this scarf will go toward this fundraiser event***

To special order this original piece of art before the event, send an email to Debra-Sue Cope. Put “Scarf Order” in the subject line. ~ Thank you!

Your Donations Are Greatly Appreciated…

Help Make This Reunion For Peace and Harmony a Success!

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