Abrahamic Reunion in Acco, Israel

Posted on Nov 22, 2014


Abrahamic Reunion Gala Fundraiser Boulder CO

From Eliyahu McLean and Sheikh Ghassan Manasra, coordinators of the Abrahamic Reunion. Thanks to the Rising Tide International and the German Global Hope Fund for their support. View and share more photos of the Abrahamic Reunion in Israel.

Journey to Acco for Peace in Israel

On October 26, 2014, 80 Jews and Arabs journeyed together from Jerusalem and the Galilee to Acco. Despite the ongoing tensions in Jerusalem, the Reunion was a success.

Upon arrival in the “Old City” in Acco, they gathered at the Shaduli Sharuti Sufi Center. Sheikh Ghassan Manasra opened with blessings for the Islamic New Year and Jewish Holy Days. To deepen relationships, they broke up into smaller, mixed groups to study Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious texts in Hebrew and Arabic.

 “If we Jews and Arabs look within our religious traditions, we find that we all share faith in the one G-d. Therefore it’s imperative that believers in the one G-d work for the sake of peace, in order to serve the one G-d. In the end of days all the nations and peoples will come to serve the one G-d… so lets do it together now!” ~ Rabbi Eliyahu

After breaking bread and sharing lunch at the Sufi Center, they walked the alleys of Old Acco to the historic Al-Jazzar Mosque. Welcomed by the mosque staff, they listened to the Chief Rabbi of Acco Yosef Yashar speak of his city as a model for Arab-Jewish co-existence.

The gathering opened their circle to two controversial religious leaders, inviting them to shift from fear of ‘the other’ to a path of engagement and peace-building.

Abrahamic Reunion Gala Fundraiser Boulder CO beachAt the day’s end, the group traveled to the Hof HaCarmel beach in Haifa, where they watched the sunset and had fun on the beach together. A few of the participants who came from the West Bank had never before seen the ocean.

This relationship-building gathering in Acco closed with a prayer for peace on the waves of the Mediterranean.

Who Else Will Join Us in Our Efforts for PEACE and HARMONY in the Holy Land?

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