"“There is no way to bring resolution to the conflicts in Israel that I know of — except to bring people together.”"

“Connect soul to soul to become Friends for the cause of inner and outer Peace”

Day 3: “Praying Together in Jerusalem”

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Two Major Events Today

Before lunch we gathered as a group: members of the Abrahamic Reunion Board in Israel and us travelers, some of whom are also on the board. Many of us had met previously in Utah at the Parliament of World Religions.

A collection of dedicated souls, in some cases who risk all, working toward Peace.

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Day 2: It’s a Matter of Faith

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A Day of Surprises

Abrahamic Reunion Israel Jesus cross location

The very spot where Jesus’ cross stood

Gil, our tour guide in Jerusalem’s Old City, has a fascinating depth of knowledge of the history of the land that is now called Israel. What strikes me first and foremost is

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Day 1: Abrahamic Reunion in Jerusalem

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Abrahamic Reunion Israel dinner Jerusalem Christian quarters The Journey Resumes…

Today is a reunion of hearts. Many of us travelers know each other from previous encounters – from retreats and travels with Shabuddin David Less, and at the Parliament of World Religions that was held in Salt Lake City a year ago.

This is also a meeting of intent – to contemplate and contribute to the possibility of Peace in the Holy Land.

On the minds of us all, if I were to be so bold as to surmise, is the question…

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Family Portrait in a Flash! Blue Crane Photography LIMITED TIME Offer…

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Who Else Wants to Capture their Family Story in a Flash?

Blue Crane Photography has gracious extended their generous offer because they support our efforts toward Peace…


Urgent! Limited Time ONLY – Until February 28, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Abrahamic Reunion Boulder Family Photo Shoot Fundraiser Offer

Note: When you make a donation of $99 to the Abrahamic Reunion, Blue Crane Photography in Longmont will receive same-day notification. They will contact you with your certificate for the photography session.

Any questions? Send an email to debra-sue @ keymarketresearch.net

100% of these donations will go directly to support the Abrahamic Reunion gatherings in Israel.

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List of Sponsors – Funds Raised

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We Gratefully Appreciate Our Sponsors Who Made This First ABRAHAMIC REUNION in Boulder a True SUCCESS!

Abrahamic Reunion Boulder Gala Fundraiser

Abrahamic Reunion Boulder Family Photo Shoot Fundraiser OfferStill Available for Donors:

  • Blue Crane Photography Offer:  EXPIRES FEB 28, 2015
  • Hand Painted Silk Scarves Originally Designed: $100 each
  • Commemorative Booklets: $20 each
  • To purchase Booklet or Scarf –
    • email Debra-Sue @ KeyMarketResearch.net

 100% of these donations will go directly to support the Abrahamic Reunion gatherings in Israel.

Our Sponsors:

Main Event:

Silent Auction:

Who Else Will Join Us in Our Efforts for PEACE and HARMONY in the Holy Land?

Boulder’s next Abrahamic Reunion Gathering – Coming in April

Please Donate Now to the ABRAHAMIC REUNION Gatherings in Israel:

Note: 100% of these donations will directly support the Abrahamic Reunion gatherings in Israel.

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Commerative Scarf Designed for the Abrahamic Reunion Cause

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Designer: Evelyn Marie Williams

Available Nowhere Else!

“Each one is a uniquely hand-painted and dyed one-of-a-kind scarf”

Cost: $100

Abrahamic Reunion Gala Fundraiser eTown Boulder ScarfA Word from the Artist:

“I am so grateful these are such a big hit, yes I can make more and will start tomorrow evening.

Each scarf is hand painted individually.

It takes a few days to go through the process because of the drying times in between each step. The design is hand drawn or written then dried naturally. Paint or dye is applied in the remaining area of the scarf in layers, drying naturally for a couple of days.

They then go thru a heat curing process and after that I wash, rinse and dry them in specific products for silk. This is different than a silk screen process like shirts can be done.”

~ Evelyn Marie Williams

***100% of the cost of this scarf will go toward this fundraiser event***

To special order this original piece of art before the event, send an email to Debra-Sue Cope. Put “Scarf Order” in the subject line. ~ Thank you!

Your Donations Are Greatly Appreciated…

Help Make This Reunion For Peace and Harmony a Success!

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Boulder’s Leaders for Peace at this Abrahamic Reunion Gala

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Abrahamic Reunion Gala Boulder Events Charna-Rosenholtz Religious Tolerance Fundraiser

Maggid Charna Rosenholtz, MA

Maggid Charna Rosenholtz is an accomplished teacher, specializing in psycho-spiritual growth and applications of spiritual wisdom. Ordained as a Hebrew wisdom teacher (Maggid) by Rabbi’s Zalman Schacter-Shalomi and Tirzah Firestone in 2007, and Rabbi David Zaslow in 2014, she also holds a Masters degree in religious studies from Naropa University in Boulder.

Charna has specialized in teaching and leading Torah studies since 1998 and has presented on issues of spirituality to all age groups. A rabbinic student with Aleph Jewish Renewal Alliance, she teaches at several synagogues along the Front Range of Colorado.

A visionary, Charna believes in the role of Hebrew Scriptures as a living guide for becoming the best that we can be. Her passion, skill set in developing empowered learning environments, and caring presence creates successful circles of learning.



Abrahamic Reunion Gala Boulder Events Bob Ballance Religious Tolerance Fundraiser Bob Ballance, Senior Minister at Pine Street Church in Boulder

Bob Ballance is a hands-on leader who wants to know everyone in the congregation. He has a grand sense of humor, works with abundant energy, is passionate about strengthening the local church and helping people discover (or rediscover) the presence of our loving, creating, challenging God. Bob believes strongly that all who come to the church are welcome – no exceptions – and he wants everyone in the congregation he serves, whether a long-tenured member or a brand new participant, to have a meaningful place of service where each one feels loved, needed and appreciated.

He calls himself a “Matthew 25 disciple of Christ” because he strongly believes that the compassion and kindness we show to others – especially to those who are hurting and without resources – is what brings the greatest joy to the very heart of God.


Abrahamic Reunion Gala Events Catherine Ballance Religious Tolerance Fundraiser Catherine Kent Ballance, Associate Minister of Pastoral Care

Catherine Kent Ballance is a gifted listener and a compassionate minister, serving as one of associate pastors at Pine Street Church. She assists with pastoral care, counseling and worship leadership. Catherine feels strongly that faith is closely linked to how we treat one another and how we manage life, including our talents, relationships, possessions, and even our stewardship of the Earth’s resources. She uses her gift of photography to capture the beauty of God’s creation though people and our beautiful surroundings here in Colorado.

She is also Director of Community and Faith Relations for Boulder county’s Flatirons Habitat for Humanity. She and Bob have two grown daughters, Lora, who lives with her husband, Will, in Seattle, and Emily, a chemist, who lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.


Abrahamic Reunion Gala Boulder Martie McMane eTownMartie McMane, Senior Minister at First Congregational Church in Boulder

Martie McMane is an exceptionally engaging leader with a Master of Divinity from the Ashland Theological Seminary and Master of Arts in Teaching from DePauw University. She serves as the Senior Minister at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Boulder. Previously she has lead Pastorates in Connecticut and Ohio, served on the National Staff of UCC and, in a different “lifetime,” a high school and college teacher of theatre arts.

At the “First Cong” the people are lively, compassionate, progressive, open-minded, and are interested in deepening the journey of faith. Willing to try new things yet honor traditions, they are like a beautiful prism, refracting the Divine light in each person.

A Scripture verse important to Martie: Romans 8: 39: “There is nothing in all creation that can ever separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.”


Abrahamic Reunion Gala Boulder Events Islamic Center Sheikh Shoaib and Fateh Tumia from The Islamic Center of Boulder

Sheik Shoaib, who is avidly working to master conversational English, will be attending the Abrahamic Reunion Gala along with his learned translated, Fateh Tumia.

The Islamic Center of Boulder was founded in the late 1970s by a group of students at the University of Colorado at Boulder. More than 30 years later, they continue to be a force for Peace – check out the Lemon Tree Walk To Build Bridges.

On 9/11 this year, Lemon Tree Group organized a walk to promote Jewish-Palestinian dialogue. The Walk began at the Islamic Center of Boulder, traveled to Congregation Har Hashem, then to St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, and culminated on the Boulder Downtown Mall with intercultural music and speakers representing the Abrahamic faith communities.

Similar to the Abrahamic Reunion Gala, this Walk To Build Bridges created a new experience for people of separate communities to get to know each other one-to-one, foundational to building healthy communities.

“What a wonderful Walk we had! With over 125 people in the rain and freezing weather! We came together in a spirit of peace and peoplehood. I got to know members of other communities I would never had had a chance to talk with. Lovely people as we walked together. Thanks everyone for coming and making this a landmark event.”

Who Else Will Join Us in Our Efforts for PEACE and HARMONY in the Holy Land?

Buy Tickets to the Abrahamic Reunion Gala at eTown on January 24, 2015

Tickets Available Soon

Or Donate Directly to the ABRAHAMIC REUNION Gatherings in Israel:


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